“Empowered by my Journey.”


One thing is for sure, what you see is what you get when it comes to this Vh1 Star. Her genuine personality spills out of the TV screen effortlessly, and her deep rooted morals, and focus on family made her an instant favorite on Season 4 of Vh1’s Mob Wives. Stripped from the glitz and glamour of reality television, Alicia DiMichele is first and foremost a mother. Her motto “Family Over Everything” is not a marketing scheme but something that her entire life is centered around. Being the mother of  her three gentlemen, Anthony, Rocco, and Carlo, is Alicia’s first priority. The strong relationship she has with her boys shows that Alicia has her priorities in order to say the least. Sundays in her household are always spent with the family, the smell of meatballs and chicken cutlets can be found in the air, and smiles on the faces of their tight knit clan are promised.

Although raising 3 boys on her own is a full time job in and of itself, Alicia’s appetite for success landed her 2 successful boutiques in the tri-state area and a successful online store www.aliciadimichele.com. Known as “The Boss” to her employees Alicia embodies what it means to be a business owner. Alicia loves working in the boutique, calling it her “happy place” when she is behind the register, establishing relationships with her customers. She’s the hardworking entrepreneur that still doesn’t hold herself above putting herself on the schedule, what more could you ask for from “The Boss?”

Her knack for fashion and setting trends doesn’t end within her boutiques. Alicia is constantly making fashionista her middle name, and taking the streets by storm. She loves putting outfits together, and helping others do the same. Whether it’s super destroyed denim, or a sports jersey made chic Alicia knows how to dress for the occasion. Fashion advice has become a part of her daily routine.

Although her daily routine is that of a mother, and business owner, she has not always lived so flawlessly. Alicia’s past, and hardships have made her the strong and independent woman she is today. The world watched Alicia on Season 4 “New Blood” of VH1’s Mob Wives, as she endured the hardest parts of her life in front of a camera. The viewers immediately named her strength as an inspiration for other women worldwide. Her positivity and refusal to let negativity into her daily life has inspired her fans, and helped others through the struggles they are encountering. Daily messages thanking her for her strength and perseverance land in her inbox, and Alicia is always eager to respond to help her fans get through whatever life is throwing at them. WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN has become one of Alicia’s most valued statements, and she strives to impact lives positively through her social media, and kind words.

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