My Bounce Back❤️


My Bounce Back❤️ How do you bounce back after heartbreak? How do you learn to open up and trust again? The struggle is very real for us women who have suffered betrayal. Let’s look at it in a different light instead of the obvious negative. Maybe, just maybe, your heartbreak was for your highest good. Do you believe that if you create the perfect partner in your mind over and over again he will eventually show up?? I do, and it happened to me without me even realizing☺️ I also know that the way we are and act as women is what attracts the different types of men. It all starts with us. So, pay attention to who you are surrounding yourself with and how you are carrying yourself and what vibes you are putting out there. More importantly, if you are blessed to be a mother, you better be a damn good mother. A good man will come along and appreciate and worship you for it👸🏻 I can help you with your Bounce Back💃🏻 Book a “Happiness Session” with me via video conference. Link on website  #happinesscoach #love #divorce #bounceback #betrayal

Alicia DiMichele