Evil Eye Cleanse Shower Steamer

Evil Eye Cleanse Shower Steamer

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This shower steamer formulated to help ease stress, cleanse your energy field, and rid yourself of the negative intent of others.

Common evil eye cleansing spells include bathing yourself in lemon if you believe to be inflicted by the jealous eye of those around you.

With the protective blue color of the charm this shower spell was designed to help you to feel at ease and grounded in your cleansing ritual.

Smells like: sandalwood & lemon

How to use: take into the shower with you, and place the steamer at the far end of your bath/shower stall so that the steam hits it, but it’s out of direct contact with water.

These should last for up to 3 showers.

Not for use as bathbombs, shower use only.

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