How Family Over Everything Started

Family Over Everything

Much more than a tag line. Much more than a brand.

I grew up always knowing how important family was, it was instilled in me since I was a little girl. Our whole family lived for Sunday Dinners, which most do in an Italian household. I continued these traditions as well once I became a mother and wife in my own home.

“Family Over Everything” started during the hardest time of my life. While my ex husband was in jail, and I was facing jail time myself all while being a single mom to my three boys trying to hold it all together the best that I could. During this time my oldest son, Anthony, used to write me notes and leave them by the kitchen sink for me to see in the morning. 

The very first one read,

"Mom, I never knew how strong you were until I saw you go through everything you are going through now. I love you so much!

Family over everything!
Love, Anthony"

Little did we both know what this was going to start. 

When he was home for the summer from college he told me that he wanted to get a tattoo. And I said, Okay, what would you like to get?" And he said, "I want me and you to get matching ones." As I’m holding back my tears, I said," Omg yes! What would you like us to get?" He said, Something you always taught me 'Family Over Everything". Needless to say I would have gotten anything he wanted because he wanted us to have matching tattoos together and that meant more to me than anything.  I would have gotten something on my forehead if he wanted to. Lol

So through a friend I booked with one of the best tattoo artist in New York at that time, Luke Wessman on IG as @lukewessman Luke had free hand drawn so many samples of Family Over Everything to show us to make sure that we picked the perfect one.  Luke made our experience so amazing because he knew how special it was for us and the lifetime memory that we were about to create. 

Literally right when we got home that night my other two sons, Rocco and Carlo started to ask when could they get theirs. Meanwhile, they were so young at the time. I told them when the time is right.

So on Rocco’s 18th birthday he had a Friday night football game, and when we came home from the game I had a tattoo artist at my home waiting for him to add the “Family Over Everything”on him as well! He was so happy and surprised!! Happy 18th Birthday Rocco!

And then when Carlo turned 17 he got his Family Over Everything tattoo too! Carlo has been planning his for awhile at this point and because he is the baby of the family he knew it was going to happen sooner than later. Lol. He had already been in the works talking with and scheduling his with the most talented tattoo artist who is world renowned but based here right in New Jersey. He knew just who and when he was going! Lol. This infamous tattoo artist, Ian known on IG as @unroyal_imig is now a dear friend of ours, he has done every single one of the boys arms and Robbie’s too! I’m next, and can’t wait to show you what he is doing on me! 

The three words, Family Over Everything, that have kept and made me who I am today. It is now trademarked and a well known brand in my boutique adorned with clothing and kitchen items.

Having my boys and I with the matching Family Over Everything tattoo means the world to me. It means that this is what I taught them, this is what they will always remember about me and us, Our Legacy.  And for that I will forever be proud and grateful.


Alicia xoxo


  • Ronnamarie

    Hi Alicia, as you know I have three sons too. I always taught them as did their father that family is everything and always be there for your family. I am blessed to say they absolutely are! May God bless you and youir beautiful family.

  • Brittney

    Family over everything is something I was taught at a young age. Well written looking forward to reading more!

  • Doris Otero

    Such a beautiful story! I’ve been watching and following you since day one, and so happy to see what you have done and become ! Congratulations Bella ! In my family with my kids it’s “No Matter What” because no matter what we will always be there for each other and no matter what I will always be there for them xoxox

  • Ali Nichols

    I read this as I sit in my 15yo son’s room & watch him play video games with his little brother & sisters. I’m a sobbing mess. My sister-in-law talk about your family dynamic & we absolutely adore it. You’re an incredible mother & it shines bright in those boys of yours.

  • Julie

    This is so heartwarming, in my family wich is small and because I lost my parents young I say it’s family ( meaning no matter what we look out for each other) god bless you and your beautiful family

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